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It's only about 25 short years since the mobile telephone became available, expensive to buy and expensive to run. Now you can find youngsters with a sausage roll in one hand and phone in the other. At the turn of the century less than half of the UK adult population owned a mobile and now, according to OFCOM, there are 82.7 million subscribers, and only 62 million people live here! 

However there are 21.7 million broadband connections giving lots of opportunity to connect with the nearly ten thousand "hits" a month that online estate agencies are getting. Most people now have access to the internet, which is exactly where any high street agent will direct you to spend your marketing budget.

 More and more people are deciding to use an online agent because of the financial logic. 10,000 "hits" every month demonstrates a lot of interest. Recent figures from HMRC show house sales in 2011 were one of the lowest on record at only 869,000, up from 2009's 848,000. So even in this market around 2500 houses change hands daily.

 Newspapers are now suggesting the economy is improving, and the housing market is picking up, with Land Registry figures for June 2013 showing an average house price of £162,621.

 So how are you going to sell your property and include yourself in the up and coming statistics, MAKE SOME SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS, and do it all from only £99.99 + vat? 

 Historically the high street agent was the only choice, but they still do it the old fasioned, costly way so they don't compete on price. If you take the average house price of £160,000, sold via a traditional agent with a fee of 1.5%, the sales invoice is £2,400, BEFORE they charge all the other dispersements and associated costs listed elsewhere on this site. Not to mention the VAT at 20%, adding another £480. Add up ALL our optional fees and charges and TOGETHER they don't come to a lot more than the VAT that the high street agent has to charge. The cheapest way to sell your property is to use an online estate agent.




What does the cyberwizard have that others don't? He has a little sprinkle of magic dust: his unique sales points, his USP's.


The first is the cheap fee structure, it's such that you only buy what you want, and want what you buy. Yes, you have to do a little youself, but it keeps costs to a minimum and allows those significant savings. With the cyberwizard YOU WANT WHAT YOU BUY, AND YOU BUY WHAT YOU WANT.


 Another usp. Our "recommend a friend" programme gives you a £25.00 bonus if someone you refer to us lists with us. Four times and the fee is paid. Yes, only four successful referals from friends, relatives and colleages around the country and YOU HAVE GOT YOUR REGISTRATION FEE BACK. Because it's only £99.99. Sorry, but we can't do anything about the VAT!


And another one. Our "buy one of ours" promotion. Currently we are giving you another opportunity to get your money back. Having SOLD through us, if you then BUY one of our listed properties, again WE GIVE YOU YOUR REGISTRATION FEE BACK. Nobody comes near us.


Arguably our best feature is our easy to use, convenient TRADERS DIRECTORY. Help just when you need it most.


So what don't you get? You don't get a high street window advert hiding a bored member of staff filing her nails. So you don't get "padding". Or a useless update "we will ring you every week and tell you what is happening". In most selling situations you live there, so you already know. Nor a useless "feedback" call. If the last people viewing love your property, THEY will be calling you. If they don't like it they won't be talked into buying it. So you don't get waffle and you don't get misled either, and when it comes to costs, we say what we charge and we charge what we say, so no ambiguity on the fee; sell your property from only £99.99 + vat, enjoy unlimited advertising on our site included in the price, and see SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS.


 And you don't get a high street agent dressed up as an online agent that only wants to charge a fee of 0.5%, £800 + £160 VAT. FOR AN ONLINE SERVICE FEE. I bet you can't get there quick enough! 



So what you do get is clarity and straightforward value for money. 


FOR SALE via, fees from only £99.99 + vat, including unlimited advertising on our site and the opportunity to get your money back.


You know it makes sense.

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